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Holiday Glitter Set
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Holiday Glitter Set

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Valetines' Day Colors - 90 Grit (most popular) German Glass Glitter - Set of 3 Jars - About 4 oz

This is our famous German Glass Glitter in 90 grit (grain size) in a convenient 3 jar set!

Product Details:

  • Colors:  Rose Pastel - #311-9-165, Rose - #311-9-222, Bright Gold - #311-9-009
  • Grit or Grain Size: This set includes 90 Grit, our most popular grain size.
  • Package Size: Three wide mouth jars - packed in a clear retail package,
  • Jars: Filled by volume, not weight. One jar holds about 2 tablespoons.
  • Total Weight: from all three jars is 4 oz.
  • Available in: Single 3 jar packages, 3 package bundles (9 jars)
  • Material Type: German Glass Glitter - Silver Coated and colored glass
  • Color Process:  Permanently colored and dyed glass flakes
  • Color Bleed: The color is fixed and not will bleed if mixed with glue or solvents.
  • Compatibility: The color is not effected by resins, or solvents,
  • Safety Issues:  Non-toxic and safe for use in art, craft and home deco projects
  • NOTE: not for use by small children. Do not use as a cosmetic glitter on face.
  • Suggestive Uses:  Used in Decorative Greeting Cards, Flooring, Wall Paper, Paints, Fiber and Glass Arts and to create distinctive designs.

Produced in Europe by fine art glass glitter artisans.