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What to do about winter doldrums

I'm going to be very honest with you. Every January, I can get in a slump.
For those of us in the northeast, Winter has set in, we're past the holidays,
and we have a WHOLE lot of Winter ahead of us. So I have to work very hard to
put my mind in a positive place. A creative space. To be willing
to do something new and different, even though I just want to be on my
sofa every night watching the same old same old.

Can you relate?

Personally, I have embarked on a second online watercolor class this winter.
Just for me! It helps me to see the world in a different light, connects me with
other people from all over the country to learn together, share our projects
and create community. It was totally out of my comfort zone, since I never felt like
I was very good at using watercolor!

What I decided to do for myself is THE very thing
we love about our workshops at ellen j goods! Whether  you join us 
on line or in person, we take pride in offering JUST what you need!
Community, creativity and inspiration.
Learning something fresh and new using only the best products and techniques! Just because it's Winter, doesn't mean we have to paint snowflakes! We love looking ahead and planning for our Spring decor!
We love thinking about gifts and sharing our talents!
We've created some really fun projects for the weeks ahead.
We will share a workshop on our Facebook page, live! You get the kit, watch us live (over and over again, if needed!)
and then make your own version of a wonderful decor!

You can make this pretty multimedia rustic wood slice!

The Kit is available HERE.

And to try your hand at blending paints and layering techniques?
You'll want to join us for the Crock of Ferns Live Faceboook Workshop
on Feb. 28th at 4:00pm. We have kits ready for you HERE.

Pick up a brush, try something new. Join us for workshop fun...even from the
comfort of your own home...in your jammies!

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